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To Infinity & Beyond

To Infinity & BeyondPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I was only a boy when I ran in front of a moving car. It was late at night, and I knew for a fact that an angelic force had just stood between me and the headlights of the vehicle, and that it wasn’t my time yet to leave this earth.

Then there was the time when my son was raised from the dead in my arms.

And then at another time Jesus turned up in my dreams one morning, as I slept, and miraculously and instantaneously healed my frozen shoulder.

Those three events alone confirmed to me that it was important to keep my eyes on the eternal. But there have been so many more instances, that if I recorded, all the miracles would fill volumes reporting the provisions, the protection, the sense of a greater presence directing me through all the mountains and valleys I’ve traversed.

From The Finite To The Infinite

So it is in the midst of all this humanity that I know that our time here on earth is finite. But when we follow in the footsteps of all those who have gone before us, I know that our time there is infinite.

I know for a fact that it was when I first believed in my heart and confessed with my mouth that the Jesus of the Bible was my Lord, I was saved. Saved from what? An uncertainty about the eternal that is infinite. And it was then, and only then, that the veil over my spiritual eyes was removed, and I could see what the saints have seen throughout the ages – an eternal vision available to those who simply receive and believe.

So have your feet firmly planted on planet earth, but set your eyes on the infinite – for there lies a bright and everlasting future for all of us who believe.

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