About Peter G. James Sinclair


Peter G. James Sinclair is the international best selling author of a number of highly acclaimed motivational books including ‘Good Things Don’t Come To Those Who Wait’. The title of this book summarizes his philosophy, which he carries over and into all his business ventures.

Thousands of individuals, all around the world, subscribe to Peter’s Motivational Memo that is written to inspire individuals to be the best they can possibly become.

Peter is firstly and fore-mostly a proud husband, father and grandfather – as well as being an entrepreneur, writer, author, speaker, composer and motivator who is committed to reminding, energizing and activating his readers – while at the same time equipping  them with both the tools and ideas that will assist his readers to reach far beyond their fullest potential.

MyBlackPiano.com is designed and dedicated specifically to allow Peter to share some of the deeper spiritual foundations that form the very basis of his life.

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