A Message To The Flawed


Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

It is so easy to concentrate on our own flaws. Especially when there are those surrounding you who make it their occupation to make certain that we are very aware of those flaws. But we must remember that there is not one of us who is flawless. And as Jesus said, that before you go picking the speck out of your brother’s eye make certain you have pulled the log out of your own eye.

So firstly we need to forgive the ones who accuse us in Jesus’ Name and bless our enemies.

Oh how we have wanted to curse them. Oh how we have wanted to hit back. But we are commanded to love them. So love them we will.

‘Lord forgive us for wrongful thoughts and harsh reactions. We choose to walk in forgiveness even in the midst of the storms and the accusations.’

Concentrate On What The Lord Is Thinking

We must never concentrate on what we think others are thinking about us, because in most cases they are not. That is a lie from the enemy. All we need to do is to concentrate on what the Lord is thinking of us as His child.

He sees us through the eyes of our Savior, and all He sees is flawless – not by might nor by power but by His Spirit. It is through His grace that we are seen that way. No matter what mistakes we make He loves us. No matter what cracks appear He loves us. No matter the ups and downs of life He loves us. He loves us. He loves you. He loves me.

Be Empowered

So to be loved is to be empowered. It is to be believed in. It is to be cherished. It is to feel the support of another. And in times of ill health and in times of trials it embeds a backbone within this at times spineless self so that we can continue to get up again and again and again. To love again. To breathe again. To rise again, as if from the very depths of death.

Out of the ashes a new person is born to face another day. And where others see us as finished there arises a new sense of destiny within us. And where once we were written off and even discarded to the side there is a fresh vision planted and a renewed energy restored to go yet again.

Critics will always come. But at the end of history – when all the notes are gathered up and compiled – only the great deeds done and obstacles overcome will be spoken of. The criticisms will dissipate into dust. And yet the mighty deeds done by those they claimed to be flawed will be carved into the stones of time for all to see and to marvel, pouring forth praise to the Author of those great deeds, shouting, ‘Many are the great things God has done!’

photo source: my2monsters.com

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