14 Cities – 14 Days – 18 Speaking Engagements For Peter G. James Sinclair

On the road to your dreams God takes you on some very interesting detours.

But detours are not necessarily wrong. They are in fact divinely appointed detours that build your character.

Last year I was invited to travel to 14 cities in 14 days to deliver 18 speeches – many of which were to the leaders of their city, their region and even our nation.

So as part of my journey to see my musical played on Broadway I am enjoying the amazing journey that I am currently on that includes new business, new books, new speaking engagements, new joint ventures and the expansion of my vision for my entire life.

So while traveling to speak at these engagements during the past two weeks I was invited to take part in a radio interview – so I thought you may enjoy it. Simply click on the link below…

The interview was entitled: Meet Mr Motivation – Peter G. James Sinclair´╗┐

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